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Computer Basic Course




Computer classes are designed for those Hispanics eager to learn how to use a computer, no experience is necessary, this course teaches the basics of what is a computer, what are its components, how to start the computer and how to use it. Some technical concepts will be reviewed (in very simple terms) only to ensure that students will know what to look for when they decide to buy a computer, to make sure that what they are buying will serve its purpose (how to connect to the internet).

It is of vital importance in today’s world to be familiarized with the way a computer works and to work well with a computer, since these machines are found in every sector of society, from the workplace, schools, public services such as the post office, to the food industry, etc., even in places of entertainment for our children. In every corner of the city we will encounter a computer.



The computer is a tool that can be adapted to all needs and not something that we should be afraid of; they are tools that we must learn to operate, such as we did with our first bicycle, our first job and, if you drive, that very first time at the wheel. Therefore, we would like to invite all Spanish speaking persons living in the state of Ohio to take a chance in one of our computer courses. Look on this page to find the IWP site and city where classes are held.

Welcome and Good Luck!!!

Computer Class Address (North and Center Region of Ohio)
All classes are sponsored by Immigrant Worker Project (IWP) and are taught in several schools, in many cities around the state of Ohio, where students are able to take advantage of this service at no cost. The schools are equipped with laboratories that were made possible thanks to the donations made by different sectors of the state Ohio and to which we are very grateful. These laboratories are furnished with computers that have internet access and printers.

Place : Centro San José el Trabajador.
1500 Market Str. North.(Basement)
Ex CatholicsCharitis building.
Phone: (330) 454 2220

Class Date and time:
Monday from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.
and form 7:00 pm. to 9:00 pm.

DOVER (Ohio):

Place : School of Saint Joseph Church.
613 North Tuscarawas Ave.
Phone: 1 (866) 333 6744 (IWP Office).

Class Date and time:
Saturday from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.


Place : School of Saint Mary's Church.
242 North State St.
Phone: (440) 639 0043.

Class Date and time:
Tuesday from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm.
Thursday de 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm.


Place :Buurma Farms Inc. Clinic .
3909 Kok Rd. Willard, OH. 44890

Class Date and time:
Thursday from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.


Lugar :
Telefono: .


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