About Us

About Us

Immigrant Worker Project

The Immigrant Worker Project (IWP) was founded in 1998 to address the needs of the farmworker and rural migrant communities in Ohio. At the heart of the project is a deep commitment to economic, legal, political, and social justice for the Latinx community. IWP supports human dignity and justice for immigrants while building communities that embrace cultural diversity. Our approach is based on the teachings of Paulo Freire, educator and prominent thinker of critical pedagogy, and thus all initiatives, programs, and services are collaborative in nature and formed through bottom-up leadership and goal-setting. As a result, the work of IWP continuously evolves in accordance with the needs of the community. 


With this determination, we have formed programs that:

(1) reduce rural immigrants’ social and cultural isolation, 

(2) provide or connect immigrants with services relating to workplace rights, health care access, victim’s rights, and immigration, 

(3) teach skills that engender participation in daily community life, 

(4) improve contact with and empathy on the part of the general community, 

(5) advocate ending discrimination and other barriers, and (6) mentor, train, and support authentic immigrant leaders.


IWP impacts lives by:
  • Providing English classes in 23 locations, serving an average of 270 people weekly and over 400 individuals studying during a year.
  • Assisting school districts through training to help improve LEP services and regional support groups for UAC, DACA and Undocumented High School Youth.
  • Over 120 volunteers, annually, who through accompaniment gain understanding of immigrants’ struggles and contributions.
  • Representing over 1,300 Unaccompanied Children and over 500 family detainees.
  • Working with youth leaders from the immigrant community on educational civil rights, including educational segregation of students and LEP student rights violations.
  • Providing citizen workshops for over 700 new U.S. citizens since 2008.
  • Assisting in processing Alien Emergency Medical Assistance, Work Compensation claims, and Housing assistance for over 200 individuals per year in dire need.
  • Creating the AMIGAS cooperation which provides work with dignity to families who have recently crossed the border, with distribution of over $40,000 of cooperative shares in the first half of 2020.
  • Assisting workers who experience labor violations, workplace discrimination, and unsafe working conditions.
  • Assisting domestic violence victims and victims of crime.

701 Walnut Ave NE

Canton, Ohio 44702


Monday – Friday (By Apppointment): 9 AM – 5 PM

Saturday (Walk-ins: First Come, First Served): 9 AM – 1 PM

Sunday: Closed

Monday – Friday (By Apppointment):

9 AM – 5 PM

Saturday (Walk-ins: First Come, First Served):

9 AM – 1 PM




We are closed all holidays but Presidents’ Day.

Thanksgiving Break: Thanksgiving Day – Sunday

Christmas Break: Christmas Eve – January 2nd