For further assistance, please contact us or look into other resources listed below:

United We Dream: Various Resources –

Information in Indigenous Languages –

Achi (ALMG)

Akateco (San Miguel, Acatan, Huehuetenango) (compiled by CIELO)


Akateka (ALMG)

Awakateka (ALMG)

Chalchiteka (ALMG)

Ch’orti (ALMG)

Chuj (ALMG)

Chuj (ECAP)

Español (ECAP)


Garifuna (Honduras)

Itzá (ALMG)

Ixil (Mayan League)

Ixil (ALMG)


Ir al mercado: Ixil

Tenderos: Ixil

Ixil (Triangulo Ixil, Nejab, Guatemala) [compiled by CIELO]

Jakalteca-Pop’ti (ALMG)

Kaqchikel (para niños) – (ALMG)

Kaqchikel (para adultos) – (MAIA)

Kaqchikel (ECAP)

K’iche (Totonicapan) [compiled by CIELO]

K’iche (Mayan League)

K’iche (MAIA)

K’iche (vea a los ‘posts’ para los videos) (Mayan League)


K’iche: Mascarillas


Nebaj Quiche Guatemala

Mam (Oakland Education Association)

Mam (ALMG)

Mopan (ALMG)

Popti’ (ALMG)


Poqomam (ALMG)

Poqomchi (ALMG)

Q’anjob’al (ALMG)

Q’anjob’al (Grupo Pixan Konob) (Korinta Maldonado)

Q’anjob’al (San Miguel, Actan, Guatemala) [compiled by CIELO]

Q’eqchi (Mayan League)

Q’eqchi (Xmolaxil li aatinob’aal Mayab)


Sakapulteka (ALMG)

Sipakapense (ALMG)

Tektiteko (ALMG)

Tz’utujil (ALMG)

Tz’utujil (MAIA)


Uspanteko (ALMG)

Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees: Various Resources –

Find a Health Center –

USCIS Public Charge Information –

Explaning COVID-19 Relief for Latino Families –

Know Your Rights During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Refugee Council USA –

FAQ Immigrant Worker Rights During COVID-19 –

AFL-CIO: COVID-19 and the Immigrant Worker –

Rural Women’s Health Project: Resources in Spanish and Indigenous Languages –

Resources for Spanish-speaking Agricultural Laborers about COVID-19 –

Guidelines on Requirements to Protect Workers from Coronavirus

Resources for Immigrants during the COVID-19 Crisis

Immigrant Eligibility for Public Programs during COVID-19

Temporary Changes to USCIS in Reponse to COVID-19 –

Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition: Resources