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The Immigrant Worker Project (IWP) grew out of our dialogue between the growing Latino/a population of Ohio and various community leaders and activities in 1999.
Through a study commissioned by the Ohio Catholic Rural Life Conference we mapped out the extensive demographic growth and need of newcomers in rural Ohio. In this process a Statewide Immigrant Leadership Council was formed.
With the help of CCHD and other founders IWP currently has a staff of 15 (full-time, part-time and interns) working in 23 base communities within seven major regions of the state.

The Immigrant Worker Project is dedicated to the struggle for justice and human dignity for rural immigrant workers from Latin America. We are an organization that is working toward a future where Economic Democracy and Communities of Solidarity are achieved for rural immigrants in Ohio. By Economic Democracy we mean a participatory system in which workers have a meaningful voice in all structures of their economic existence. By Communities of Solidarity we mean communities where cultural diversity is embraced by institutions of faith, education, social services and health care. To obtain these goals the Immigrant Worker Project (IWP) empowers community leaders, creates structures for global education, and advocates for workplace justice.

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